Sunday, October 24, 2010

Places to Be - Flemington

The Birdcage: (Map F1-G1)

The Birdcage is the place to be during the Melbourne Cup Carnival, that is if you can score an invitation to the exclusive celebrity filled marquees.

The Emirates Marquees is the most exclusive marquee in the Birdcage with an Invite only guest list of approximately 150 people per race day; if you can manage to score an invitation, then a day of luxury, decadence and pure enjoyment are sure to be had. There are also several other marquees in the Birdcage hosted by organisations such as Lavazza, SAAB and Lexus.

One of the big attractions of the Birdcage is the entertainment with big name artists performing throughout the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Myer Fashions on the Field & L'oreal Powder Room: (Map F2)

When attending the Carnival, a trip to the Myer Fashions on the Field (whether as a competitor or a spectator) is a must. Check out all the fashions and decide if you agree with the judges.

Right next door to the Fashion is the L'oreal Powder Room where you can go in and have a manicure, or check out the latest products with a goodies bag given away to all visitors. Get in early as there can be long lines to get in.

Both are open to the general public.

The Enclosures: Trackside (Map B3), Winning Post (Map D3)
& Ascot / Banks Enclosure (Map B2)

Many companies hire out Marquee's within the Trackside and Winning Post Enclosures for their employees to enjoy a day out at Melbourne Cup Carnival or to wine and dine current or prospective clients and enjoy the ambience of Flemington Racing.

Crown, ANZ, Telstra and Commonwealth Bank can all be found to have beautifully adorned marquee's with prime viewing of the track.

The Ascot / Banks Enclosure does not overlook the track but guests of the enclosure also have access to the Lawn Stands (ticketed area) overlooking the Winning Post. This area is outdoors and the band can be heard entertaining the crowds all day between races.

The Marquee's: Carbine (Map A4), Makybe Diva & Archers (Map A3-B3)

The Marquee's are open to the public to purchase seats or tables as long as you are willing to pay between 200 - 600 per person (depending on the Marquee and / or day). Makybe Dival and Archers marquee's both overlook the track whilst the Carbine Marquee overlooks the river and is a slightly more casual affair.
All 3 marquees provide access for their guests into the Lawn Stand.

The Nursery: (Map E1)

For those who want to enjoy Flemington and organise a gathering but not able to afford the marquee's or enclosures available, the nursery is a good alternative. Situated just outside Flemington Race track, you can book a Carpark for the day or for the entire carnival.

Completely self funded, purchasers of a carpark act as host and provide the catering / drinks and seating arrangements for their guests. The cost of the carpark includes the allocation of a number of entries and they may charge their guests are fee for attending, usually somewhere between $50 - $150 per person.

The carpark is fully decked out with big screens where all the races are shown live and TAB outlets available for plenty of wagering.

General Public Area's:

Their are several area's where you can go with a general public ticket but for good viewing, you need to get their early. The front of the grass has the best viewing with racegoers setting up picnic blankets for a day out in the sun with their friends - not so great when the unpredictable Melbourne weather turns wet however.

The Grandstand as well as being the oldest building at Flemington and listed on the Heritage List is also open to the public but again, visitors to the racetrack really need to get there early to get a good seat.

For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere but not necessarily the racing of Flemington, just outside the Grandstand (opposite the train station) is the stage where music can be found playing all day and visitors can take their shoes off and dance on the grass. Concerts are held every day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival until the late evening.


  1. Is it weird that I never knew about the L'oreal Powder Room?! I can't believe I've been missing out this whole time!

  2. Hi Jess - glad we could share this little gem, its a fantastic treat for the ladies, just make sure you leave lots of time as the queues can be quite horrendous.