Friday, October 22, 2010


Oaks Day falls on the first Thursday of November (straight after Cup Day) and is the only day in the Melbourne Cup 4 day Carnival that doesn't fall on a weekend or public holiday....

It is more commonly known as Ladies Day. however interestingly enough there has been a resurgence of interest in the day amongst the young single men of Melbourne....with so many beautifully dressed women in all their finery attending, it is no wonder that it has also become a popular day with the men.

Fashion at Oaks Day is typically softer than the other 3 days during the Carnival with lots of pastels and soft flowery dresses. The day is typified by beautiful long flowing dresses or figure fitting suits that enhances the female form.

Personally, Oaks Day is my favourite day to check out the fashions and watch all the ladies walking some more successfully than others, along the promenade between the marquees.... Its also great fun to watch the men watching the ladies ...

Check out some Oaks Day Fashion Below

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  1. Oaks day is my fav day of the spring carnival. So girly and fun :)