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1901 - 1910.

Winner in 1901 - Revenue.

Known for being one of only a few race horses to have hurt bookies, Revenue won the 1901 Melbourne Cup starting odds of 7/4. Revenue with jockey Frederick J. Dunn won in a winning time of 3:30:50, he was trained by Hugo Munro and owned by C. Leslie McDonald.

Revenue went home with winnings totalling 5,367 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1902 - The Victory.

This was Bobbie Lewis first race as a jockey, he would go on to win four more Melbourne Cups. The Victory with jockey Lewis won with a winning time of 3:29:00, trained by Richard Bradfield and owner's W. Clark & L. Robinson went with a prize total of 5,855 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1903 - Lord Cardigan.

In 1903 Lord Cardigan would win with jockey Norman Godby in a winning time of 3:29.25 and take home winnings totalling 6,324 gold sovereigns. Lord Cardigan was trained by A. E. Cornwell and owned by J. Mayo.
After competing in the Melbourne Cup the following year Lord Cardigan with jockey James Barden, who was determined to add more cups to his winnings would push the horse to strain his heart which caused his death a few days later from his injury.

Winner in 1904 -Acrasia.

In 1904 the Melbourne Cup winner, Acrasia was owned by bookmaker Humphrey Oxenham who had lost the mare to John Mayo (owner of Lord Cardigan) in a poker game after the Caulifield Cup. However, the canny Oxenham repurchased Acrasia back off Mayo the following day to reap the benefits from her win in the Cup.
Acrasia with jockey Tom Clayton won the Melbourne Cup with a time of 3:28:35. With the first Cup win for trained by A. E. Wills, they would leave with a winnings totalling 6,632 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1905 - Blue Spec.

Blue Spec was the first Western Australian - owned stayer to win the Melbourne Cup and make and impact on the East Coast. He was trained by Walter Hickenbotham, Blue Spec would be Hickenbotham's fourth Melbourne Cup wins and he was owned by well known hotelier entrepreneur Paddy Connelly. Blue Spec with jockey Frank Bullock won the Cup with a time of 3:27:50.
Blue Spec's owner went home with a winnings totalling 6,374 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1906 - Poseidon.

In 1906 to 1907 Poseidon had an extrodanary racing season with wins including the AJC and Victoria Derby, AJC and VRC St Legers, Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup, VRC Loch Plate, VATC Eclipse Stakes (twice), VATC St Helier Stakes, AJC spring Stakes, RRC Rawson Stakes, VRC Melbourne Stakes, AJC Cumberland Stakes and the AJC Plate a record that no other horse has been capable of matching.
Poseidon with jockey Tom Clayton won in a winning time of 3:31:25, he was trained by Isaac Earnshaw and owned by Sir Hugh Denison. They left with winnings totalling 6,326 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1907 - Apologue.

Prior to the 1907 Melbourne Cup race Apologue's jockey William (Bill) Evans was forced to lose 20 pounds before the race and therefore lost all strength during race. He fainted whilst riding Apologue yet managed to be carried by the five -year-old Bay through to the end of the race.

Apologue time for his win at the Melbourne Cup was 3:27:50, he was trained by previous cup winner Isaac Earnshaw and owned by R. L.Cleland, went home with winnings of 4,909 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1908 - Lord Nolan.

In 1908 the Cup winner Lord Nolan was the three-quarter brother of Cup winner Lord Cardigan. Although devastated by Lord Cardigan's death, his owner John Mayo was thrilled by Lord Nolan's success five years later.
Lord Nolan with jockey J. R. Flynn won in a time of 3:28:75. With trainer E. A. Mayo and owner J. Mayo they left with winnings totalling 6,537 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1909 - Prince Foote.

Prince Foote took out the Melbourne Cup race carrying 7 stone 8 pounds and at odds of 4/1 as the favourite. However, prior to the big day many people begun to think that Prince Foote was slipping due to his defeat to Malt King in the Caulfield Guineas earlier on. His trainer Francis McGrath dismissed claims that the colt had weakened, however many people were hesitant to bet the horse. Prince Foote with jockey William H. McLachlan won in a time of 3:27:50 and took home winnings totalling 7,335 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1910 - Comedy King.

Comedy King was sired by English Derby winner and King Edward VIIs greatest racehorse, Persimmon out of Tragedy Queen. Born in England, Comedy King was the first internationally-bred horse to win the Melbourne Cup. Comedy King with jockey William H. McLachlan won in a time of 3:27:75, trainer James Lynch with owner Sol Green went home with winnings totalling 7,335 gold sovereigns.

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