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1911 - 1920

Winner in 1911 - The Parisian.

The Parisian is one of the few winners of the Australian Cup - Melbourne Cup double. In 1911 the Melbourne Cup, The Parisian won by two-lengths, beating previous Melbourne Cup winner Comedy King and Walter Hickenbotham's Trafalgar. The Parisian with jockey R. Cameron won in 3:27:75, trained by C. Wheeler and owned by J. F. Kirby went home with a prize win totalling 8,742 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1912 - Piastre.

In 1912 Piastre won the Melbourne Cup by more than a length over Hallowmass and Uncle Sam. Piastre was originally trained by James Scobie however was transferred to Richard O'Conner prior to the Cup. Piastre with jockey A. Shanahan winning time was 3:27:50. Owner W. Brown went home with a prize totalling 8,676 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1913 - Posinatus.

The 1913 win of Posinatus has often been associated with strange stories of predictions after betters won based on predictions that they had been told and that some had dreamt of Posinatus winning. One punter won more then 36,000 pounds after his prediction. Posinatus with last years winning jockey A. Shanahan, with trainer and owner J. Chambers won in a time of 3:31:00, winning a total of 9,519 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1914 - Kingsburgh.

Kingsburgh also known as L. K. S. Mackinnon, who apparently won more then 14,000 pounds in bets. He was later renamed in 1936 to Kingsburgh after his owner. Kingsburgh with jockey George Meddick won the Cup in a time of 3:26:00, trained by Isaac Foulsham and owner L. K. S. Mackinnon went home with winnings totalling of 9,890 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1915 - Patrobas.

Patrobas was the first female owned horse, ridden to victory in the Melbourne Cup by jockey Bobbie Lewis in a time of 3:28:25. Trainer C. Wheeler was able to produce the victory for Mrs Edith Widdis, she was able to take away winnings totalling 9,364 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1916 - Sasanof.

Sasanof won the Melbourne Cup by over two lengths and just missed the race record by half a second. He and jockey F. Fowley almost record time was 3:27:75, trained by M. Hobbs and the owner's W. G. Stead and E. S. Luttrell left the Melbourne Cup with a total winnings worth 9,205 gold sovereigns. He became the second New Zealand horse to win the Melbourne Cup.

This year's race was delayed until the following Saturday due to extreme rain. On the new race day, Sasanof's owner M. Stead sold a third of the horse of his good friend, E. S. Luttrell so that his friend could enjoy the winnings.

Winner in 1917 - Westcourt.

After being beaten by Patrobas in 1915 Melbourne Cup, Westcourt returned in 1917 with jockey W. McLachlan to beat Lingle and win the race. It was McLachlan's third win in the race and many though it was a deserving win for Westcourt, who had a history of finishing second in many prominent races. Westcourt won his race with a time of 3:26:75, trained by Joe Burton and owned by D. U. Seaton who left with winnings of 7,779 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1918 - Night Watch.

Night Watch was the foal of the great Wakeful, who carried 10 stone across the finishing line. The 1918 Melbourne Cup marked the last of five Cups during World War I. Duncan was chosen to ride Night Watch as he was one of the riders who could make the weight of 6 stone 9 pounds (42kg). Trained by Richard Bradfield and owned by C. L. Mcdonald, Night Watch winning in a time of 3:25:75, left with winnings totalling 7,936 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1919 - Artilleryman.

Winning with four time Melbourne Cup winning jockey Robert Lewis, Artilleryman winning in a time of 3:24:50. He won by at least six lengths and set a new race record. He was unexpectedly a handsome horse who had many fans just because of his appearance. Artilleryman was trained by P. T. Heywood and with owners Sir S. Horden/ A. D. Murphy won a total of 9,272 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1920 - Poitrel.

Poitrel's stable mate Erasmus was in front, until the last half furlong when Poitrel shot thought to win with jockey Ken Bracken in a time of 3:25:75. He was trained by H. J. Robinson and owner's W. & F. A. Moses finished the cup with the winnings totalling 9,252 gold sovereigns.

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