Sunday, October 24, 2010

1951 -1960

Winner in 1951 - Delta.

With a winning time of 3:24:25 Delta carried jockey N. Sellwood. His owner A. Basser went home with 14,300 pounds.

Winner in 1952 - Delray.

Delray carried jockey B. Williamson in 3:23:75. His owner C. Neville went home with 14,550 pounds.

Winner in 1953 -Wodalla.

Jockied by Purtell Wodalla won the Cup in 3:23:75. With winnings of 14,550 pounds went home with owner Ted Underwood.

Winner in 1954 - Rising Fast.

Ridden by jockey Purtell, Rising Fast won the Cup in 3:23:00. His owner Spring went home with 15,500 pounds

Winner in 1955 - Toparoa.

Toparoa won the cup in 3:28:25 carrying jockey Sellwood, he won a total prize of 15,500 pounds.

Winner in 1956 - Evening Peal.

Jockey was Podmore who raced Evening Peal to win the Cup in 3:19:50, winning a total for owners Mr & Mrs White 15,500 pounds.

Winner in 1957 - Straight Draw.

Straight Draw won the Cup in 3:24:50 with jockey McGrowdie and owned by Norton who took winnings of 15,500 pounds.

Winner in 1958 - Baystone.

Baystone carrying Schumacher across the line in a time of 3:21:25, owner Burns took the winnings of 15,500 pounds total.

Winner in 1959 - MacDougal.

MacDougal won the Cup with jockey Glennon in 3:23:00, the winnings totalling 15,500 pounds went to owner Brown.

Winner in 1960 - Hi Jinx.

Hi Jinx was owned by Knowles and Sly. He carried across the Cup line jockey William Smith in 3:23:75.

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