Sunday, October 24, 2010

1941 - 1950.

Winner in 1941 - Skipton.

Skipton was surrounded by thirteens, he was in barrier 13, wore the number 13 and by winning became the thirteenth horse to triumph in the Derby - Cup. Skipton's jockey Billy Cook won in a time of 3:23:75. His trainer J. Fryer and owned by J.J Kitson went home with winnings of 7,700 pounds.

Winner in 1942 - Colonus.

Colonus had one of the highest ever winning margins in the Melbourne Cup history when he beat Phoncion by seven lengths. Colonus and jockey H. McCloud crossed the Cup line in 3:33:25, trained by F. Manning. He was owned by L. O. Menck took winnings of 7,700 pounds.

Winner in 1943 - Dark Felt.

Dark Felt won his race in 3:23:25 while carrying jockey Vic Hartney. Being trained by Ray Webster, and he was owned by J. A. Cain leaving with winnings totalling 7,700 pounds.

Winner in 1944 - Sirius.

The jockey Darby Munro rode Sirius to his win in 3:24:50, he was trained by E. Fisher he's owned by R. Turnbull who took home winnings of 7,700 pounds.

Winner in 1945 - Rainbird.

Rainbird was the first mare to win the Melbourne Cup from South Australia. Carrying Billy Cook across the line in 3:24:25, owned by Clifford Reid he collected a prize total of 10,200 pounds.

Winner in 1946 - Russia.

Russia carried jockey Darby Munro across the line in 3:21:25, he was trained by Hush and Russia's owners were Hush & Leeds who split the winnings of 10,200 pounds. Russian finished his career with 32 wins from 89 starts.

Winner in 1947 - Hiraji.

Hiraji Melbourne Cup win was with jockey Jack Purtell in 3:28:00. His trainer J. W. McCurley and his owner Fred Hughes went home with winnings of 10,300 pounds.

Winner in 1948 - Rimfire.

Rimfire's jockey was 15-years-old Ray Neville the winning time was 3:21:00, the trainer Stan Boyden and owner H. Raymond won a total prize of 12,800 pounds.

Winner in 1949 - Foxami.

Foxami carried jockey William Fellows in 3:28:50. Owned by L. Robinson.

Winner in 1950 - Comic Court.

Jockey Pat Glennon rode Comic Court in 1950 Melbourne Cup to victory in 3:19:50, his owner's split the winnings of 12,800 pounds. Comic Court was trained by Bart Cummings (Snr.) himself.

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