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1881 - 1890.

Winner in 1881 - Zulu.

During the 1881 Melbourne Cup race, a dog ran onto the track causing three out of the thirty-three horse's that were competing to fall. Jockey Dodd died due to the injuries he sustained.

Zulu was originally brought to the race to be a stable mate for AJC Derby winner Wheatear. Wheatear was one of the three horses that fell. Zulu, his jockey was Jim Gough, they ran a winning time of 3:32:50 weighting just 36.29kg , he was trained by T. Lamond and owned by C. McDonnell.

Zulu's prize win totalled 2,105 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1882 - The Assyrian.

The Assyrian won the 1882 Melbourne Cup by half a length after battling the last 100 meters with fellow racehorse Stockwell. Assyrian jockey was by C. Hutchins, with a winning time of 3:40:00 at a weight of 50.35kg. Assyrian career peaked as a five year old. He was trained and owned by J. E. Savill.

The Assyrian won a total prize of 2,010 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1883 - Martini-Henry.

In 1883 Martini-Henry was the first New Zealand-bred horse to win the Melbourne Cup. Named after a type of rifle, the three-year-old won by two lengths, his victory was so easy that his jockey (J. Williamson) never whipped him once from start to finish. He was trained by Michael Fennelly and owned by Hon. James White. Martini-Henry's winning time was 3:30:50 at a weight of 46.72kg.

Martini-Henry won a total of 2,657 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1884 - Malua.

Malua was originally named Bagot, but his owner former Premier of Tasmania J. O Inglis changed his name after finding it disrespectful to the founding secretary of the VRC, R. S. Bagot.

Running a time of 3:31:75, weighting 61.24kg, jockey was Alick Robertson and trained by Issac Foulsham.

Malua prize totalled 2,477 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1885 - Street Anchor.

The 1885 Melbourne cup was surrounded in controversy after it was alleged Street Anchor's jockey Mick O'Brien hit runner-up Grace Darling over the head just before the finishing line. However, there was no protest from Grace Darling owner's.

Street Anchor ran a winning time of 3:29:50 he was trained by T. Wilson and owned by Martin Loughlin. Anchor weighted 49.44kg.

The total prize won by Street Anchor 2,912 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1886 - Arsenal.

Arsenal only had two wins to his name prior to his win in 1886 Melbourne Cup, where won by a neck just beating Trenton. With a winning time of 3.31.00 at a weight of 46.75kg, Arsenal jockey was W. English, trained by H. Rayner and owner by W. Gannon.

He won a total prize of 3,665 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1887 - Dunlop.

During his race in 1887 Dunlop possessed great stamina and won the Melbourne Cup with a new race record, easing his way across the track in the last few strides to win by a length. After the race his jockey Tommy Sanders was reported to have burst into tears of happiness. Dunlop was trained by J. Nicholson and owned by R. Donovan.

Dunlop's record winning time of 3:28:50, weighting 52.16kg. The prize total of 4,005 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1888 - Mentor.

1888 a year of prosperity for Melbourne and therefore the VRC lifting the sweepstakes for the Melbourne cup by 3,000 gold sovereigns, which made the Melbourne Cup the most valued race in the world. For Mentor's trainer Walter Hickenbotham, this would be his first out of four-wins.

Mentor won with a winning time 3:30:75, weighted 52.16kg and his jockey was Mick O'Brien, owned by D. S. Wallace.

Mentor won a total prize 4,885 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1889 - Bravo.

Bravo was the Melbourne Cup winner sired by former Cup winner - Grand Flaneur. His winning time was 3:32:50, his jockey James Anwin, trained by T. Wilson (making it two out of four wins) and owned by W. T. Jones.

He won a total of 7,237 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1890 - Carbine.

Originally from New Zealand, Carbine's direct descendant is Phar Lap - however, it is Carbine who is regarded as Australia's most important race horse. He competing carrying the race weight record of 65.77kg and beat thirty-eight (38) other runners. Carbine's winning time of 3:28:35, his jockey was Robert Ramage, trained by Walther Hickenbotham and owned by D. S. Wallace.

Carbine won a total of 13,230 gold sovereigns.

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