Sunday, October 24, 2010

1931 - 1940

Winner in 1931 - White Nose.

White Nose's victory in the Melbourne Cup was overshadowed by Phar Lap's defeat and the last race in Australia. After passing the judges box the first time, White Nose took control and as a veered around the bend, upped the pace. White Nose with jockey N. Percival crossed the line in 3:26:00, trainer E. J. Hatwell. With owner H. P. McLachlan went home with 7,150 gold sovereign.

Winner in 1932 - Peter Pan.

The Great Depression was still on everyone's mind during the Melbourne Cup, carrying Duncan, Peter Pan was at the rear of the group when he clipped the heels of the horse in front of him and fell onto his knees. The crowd thought it was over for Peter Pan. However approaching from behind him was stable mate Dennis Boy who bumped the struggling horse back onto his feet. Peter Pan then shot to the front of the pack, taking the Cup out by a neck. Peter Pan and jockey Duncan won the race in 3:23:25 and trained by Frank McGrath Snr. Peter Pan was owned by Rodney R. Dangar went ome with winnings totalling 7,150 gold sovereigns.

After the race spectators noticed the grass stain on Peter Pan's neck from his fall. It was this event that reinstated hope back into people's lives.

Winner in 1933 - Hall Mark.

Prior to the Cup race the colt developed infection in his leg and many thought it was lame. His jockey J. O'Sullivan was riding in his first Melbourne Cup and spent a fair amount of time with trainer Jack Holt, trying to patch up Hall Mark's leg. After the vet check two hours prior to the race gave all clear, O'Sullivan eased Hall Mark into the race and despite his bandages splitting during the race, Hall Mark just made it across the line first in a time of 3:27:25. Owner C. B. Kellow took home winnings worth 7,200 pounds.

Winner in 1934 - Peter Pan.

Peter Pan being riden by Darby Munro won the Melbourne Cup in a time of 3:40:50. His owner Dangar won 7,200 pounds in winning's.

Winner in 1935 - Marabou.

Marabou and jockey K. Voitre won in 3:23:27 weighting just 49.44kg the colt was relitavely helped to his victory by his light weight. Trained by Lou Robertson and owners J. Fell and T. Hogan went home with winnings totalling 8,200 pounds.

Winner in 1936 - Wotan.

Jockied by Ossie Phillips, Wotan's Melbourne Cup race time of 3:21:25. Wotan trained by J. Fryer and owned by T. A. W. & R. Smith went home with winnings totalling 10,200 pounds.

Winner in 1937 - The Trump.

Half-way down the straight jockey Ashley Reed, pulled the Trump to the outside in a display of riding mastery to fight their way to the front and triumph at Flemington by half a length over Willie Win. Trainer S. W. Reid and owner E. Eccles went home with 10,200 pounds in winnings.

Winner in 1938 - Catalogue.

Even though it had down as trainer Mr A McDonald it was his wife who trained Catalogue. Jockied by F. Shean he won the Cup in 3:26:25. Owned by Mrs A. Jameison went home with winnings totalling 10,200 pounds.

Winner in 1939 - Rivette.

Rivette with jockie T. Preston won the Melbourne Cup in 3:27:00. And the trainer and owner Henry Bamber took home 10,200 pounds.

Winner in 1940 - Old Rowley.

Old Rowley jockied by Andy Knox took the win in 3:26:00. Trained and owned by J. A. Scully took home the winnings of 7,700 pounds. Old Rowley won the 1940 Melbourne Cup at 100/1 odds, becoming one of only three horses to ever do so.

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