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1871 to 1880.

Winner in 1871 - The Pearl.

The Pearl succeeded in the win after avoiding a scrimmage half way through the race. To record a winning time of 3:39:00, he was owned and trained by John Trait, although The Pearl was not Trait's only horse in the Melbourne Cup race for 1871, he had a second horse Phyrrus who Trait had betted on prior to the race based on his good form leading to the race.

Due to the scrimmage half way through the race The Pearl was able to take the lead by more then two full lengths. The Pearl was the longest priced Melbourne Cup winner ever with odds of 100/1.

Trained and owned by John Trait, he was riden by J. Cavanagh. At the time of his win The Pearl weighted 45.81kg. He won a total of 1,110 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1872 - The Quack.

In 1872 The Quack became the fourth horse owned and trained by John Trait to win the Melbourne Cup since his first in 1866. Although this time The Quack was riden by W. Enderson, The Quack weight 48.99kg and recorded a winning time 3:39:00. Although being classed as a non-favourite for the event he bet Dagworth who had betten The Quack at the Metropoliatan Handicap race.

The Quack was the half - brother of Nimblefoot.

The Quack won a total prize winning of 1,160 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1873 - Don Juan.

At 3:36:00 Don Juan in 1873 won the Melbourne Cup, the quickest time recorded until 1977 when Chester won in 3:33:50. Don Juan was trained James. Wilson Snr, riden by W. Wilson and owned by W.Johnstone, only weighted 43.54kg at four-years-old.

After the race the Sydney Mail, posted an article on November 22, 1873 explaining that protesters had made allegations against Don Juan and his Melbourne Cup win. The article stats that Don Juan was entered into the Melbourne Cup race as a four-year-old however, was apparently over the age of four. The Victoria Racing Club found that the allegations were untrue and Don Juan continue to remain the favourite of the public due to his outstanding efforts in his win on race day.

Don Juan won a total prize of 1,430 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1874 - Haricot.

Despite being described as a horse with a big head and weak neck, Haricot was unmatched in the 1874 Melbourne Cup race with his two stone under weight-for-age of just 41.28kg. It was an easy win for Haricot who took the lead almost immediately, and by four-lengths. Haricot winning time was 3:37:50, he was trained by S. Harding, riden by P. Pigott and owned by A. Chirnside.

Haricot won a total winnings of 1,210 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1875 - Wollomai.

The 1875 Melbourne Cup race would be the first to be held on the first Tuesday rather then the Thursday of the November month since the beginning in 1861. Wollomai was riden by R. Batty and trained by S. Moon. Wollomai was bred at C.B Fisher's property, Maribyrnong, not too far from Flemington. There has always been controversy over who owned Wollomai as the stallion was riden under J. Sharp's name however, he was apparently sold to Abion Hotel owner, John Cleeland prior to the race. Cleeland supposedly won up to 20,000 pounds from Wollomai's win.

Wollomai winning time was 3:38:00, at a weight of 48.08kg.

Wollomai's prize total 1,335 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1876 - Briseis.

Briseis won the Melbourne Cup in 1876 with the youngest jockey 13-year-old Peter St Albans, riding her to victory by more then one-a-half lengths in front. Briseis was unable to carry her original rider Hales, so the keen young stepped in to help Briseis's owner, breeder and trainer James Wilson take the winning cup home. A winning time of 3:36:50, and weighting only 39.92kg.

Total winning of 1,775 gold sovereigns and the first - Australian made gold trophy with two handles and an engraving of a horse race at Flemington made in England by Edward Fischer.

Winner in 1877 - Chester.

In 1877 Chester, trained by Etienne de Mestre, riden by P. Pigott and owned by Hon. James White won the Melbourne Cup in 3:33:50, weighting just 43.54kg. Due to the slippery surface of the track on race day, de Mestre decided to remove the plates from Chester prior to the race commencing. His race time was a record despite Tom Kirk being the favourite to win, Chester won more than 20,000 pounds for his owner Hon. James White.

Chester's prize total of 1,940 gold sovereigns, no trophy was presented until 1888.

Winner in 1878 - Calamai.

After a six month spell, Calamai won the Melbourne Cup in 1878 and gave trainer and owner Etienne de Mestre his fifth Melbourne Cup win. Being riden by T. Brown Calamai winning time of 3:35:75, weighting just 51.71kg.

During the 1878 Melbourne cup race the previous year winner Chester and jockey fell during the race leaving the jockey with chronic injuries.

Calamai winning total was 1,860 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1879 - Darriwell.

In 1879 Darriwell trained by W. E. Dakin, riden by S. Cracknell and owned by W. Rawlinson ran a winning time of 3:30:75 at a weight of 46.27kg.

Darriwell won a total of 1,945 gold sovereigns.

Winner in 1880 - Grand Flaneur.

Grand Flaneur is one of few thoroughbred's that have never been defeated in a single race. Throughout his remarkable yet short career, Grand Flaneur managed a winning record for nine (9) wins from nine (9) starts. However he wasn't a popular horse in the race due to his owner William. A. Long being known to scratch horse's in order to win bets.

Being riden by Thomas Hales and trained by T. Brown, Grand Flaneur won the Melbourne Cup in 3:34:75 at a weight of 42.64kg.

Grand Flaneur total winnings of 1,785 gold sovereigns.

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